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Welcome to the Milieu Therapy Learning Center with online courses on Milieu Therapy!

Milieu Therapy is a planned treatment environment in which everyday events and interactions are therapeutically designed for the purpose of enhancing social skills and building confidence.  These courses focus on milieu therapy in residential treatment centers.

You can take these courses at your own pace and at the times most convenient to you. The courses in this program are all based on Dr. Jani's original course: Therapeutic Strategies for Promoting Positive Behavior in a Youth: A Milieu Therapy Manual.  

This site will help you increase your knowledge about milieu therapy and introduce you to new and exciting skills and strategies to assist children and adolescents.  Additional interpersonal or phone training is also available to actually implement milieu therapy. Telephone consultation is available to provide full implementation of milieu therapy in your program.  All the forms can be customized for your unique institutional needs.

These courses are great if you are a:

  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Mental Health Technician
  • Any  provider working with Children & Adolescents
  • Group Home Counselor
  • A person working with Juvenile offenders
  • School Teacher
  • School Behavior Specialist
  • Foster Parent
  • Teacher

Dr. Jani’s Learning Center provides courses for adult care providers working in variety of settings that deliver mental health services, residential treatment Centers, therapeutic group homes, foster homes, or classrooms for chidren with emotional issues.

You can view a course demonstration on this web site by clicking the link

These are very popular courses among mental health technicians, residential childcare workers, and teachers.  Courses are designed to provide useful intervention techniques and printable forms to assist the adult care providers in their positions.  

What makes this training unique is that the trained responses to promote positive behavior in childcare settings are experience tested, detailed, specific, and descriptive.  As a result, it is apparent to supervisors or observers as to whether or not these effective strategies are being utilized.

Certification of the course completion can be obtained after completing in-person or phone training. The trainings can be scheduled by clicking on Schedule a Classroom Training tab.

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