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Association Membership
Association for  Behavior Intervention Specialists

The Milieu-Therapy Learning  Center provides certification for Behavior Intervention Specialist, you can can become  a memeber of the Association of Behavior Intervention Specialist ppon certification.

This Association was founded by concerned and dedicated child care workers who had served many years as care providers to children with various behavior disorders. They worked in this field with their absolute dedication to children without any formal training at schools or colleges. The members had faced challenges in the work place where they are expected to provide unconditional positive regard to a child in a therapeutic holding environment.  The mission of the association is to recognize and promote innovations in the field to create trained responses, standardized training programs for the Behavior Intervention Specialist. 

Behavior intervention specialists need technical assistance in addition to being a warm caring individuals to navigate the challanging field of caring for children  with behavior disorder in any setting. Clearing house for the various trainings and Certification for Behavior specialist

Executive Director Of Association of Behavior Intervention Specialist  is Louise Love, who has dedicated years of service for the promotion of positive behavior and healing for the children and families. She has worked many years in the community and is in the process of formalizing training standards and Certification process for the individuals who have dedicated their life in the service of children.  The organization is in its infancy and specially created for the folks who have the right heart for the work in the child care field but also need formal training and certification to validate thier out standing dedication and intuition to heal children and thier families.